Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nun in Shining Armor Revisited

Nun in Shining Armor Reconfigured
CC Jean Stimmell: 7/13/15
My vivid dream I blogged about over two years ago(see Nun in Shining Armor), still reverberates in my psyche. Last week, relying totally on intuition, I reworked my dream image of the nun and found myself substituting my own photograph when I was a baby for the original infant image.

Here is what I wrote about my dream in my original blog:

I dreamed last night that I am wandering in a dark cave without beginning or end.  Empty, feeling neither sorrow or joy, I stumble upon what appears to be a statue bathed in light, perhaps a knight in shining armor. But, coming closer, I see a Buddhist nun, tears streaming down her face, cradling her dead baby.  In her grief, she is majestic: fiercer than any warrior, more authentic than the Buddha. 

During my dream I fully aware that I am receiving an important message but, despite my best efforts, I cannot pull together the various threads to interpret what it means. Looking back on it in the light of day, I see the nun as my guide, sent to lead me to the gate of real faith: that flesh-and-blood imperative, that ultimate attachment that lifts us out of void and makes us truly human: passion, resiliency, and love.
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