Monday, July 13, 2015

Dreaming the Photograph

A photograph of Cannon Beach Oregon from 9/9/13
CC Jean Stimmell
A dream I had on 9/13/14

Walking along the shore trying to find access to the ocean
when at last a run-down state park appears on my right.
I pass through an overgrown field of rubble and old tires
and come to a gate in an old rusty chain link fence:
Passing through, I come to the ocean,
a sandy beach shelving off steeply into swirling surf...

Large luminous waves crest and break as they near shore
 which would normally lure me to jump in and body surf
but this whole scene seems ominous and treacherous 
so i gingerly wade out in the surf just to my ankles 
when I am grabbed by an immense undertow
which I have to fight with all my might
 to escape back to solid ground.

An interpretation of my dream:

The stale, dry overgrown world of the intellect
counting how many angels can dance on a pin
is no a longer a fulfilling prospect for me.
Yet having the courage to descend down 
to immerse myself in Anima's mystery
in the moist waters of the unconscious
and raw emotions is still very scary to me
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