Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Soul of the World

Epiphany in the City: 1/15/11*
CC Jean Stimmell
The writer in his loft exclaims,
believing he has birthed a brilliant idea
not aware he is merely channeling the recesses of his soul
the collective unconscious of Gaia, our living, breathing Earth
who has been incubating this truth for ages in the wood beams
and clay bricks of this converted old mill building,
steeped in wisdom and soul.
Epiphany in Nature: 1/15/14*
CC Jean Stimmell
Just as beams and bricks incubate the word until the time is ripe,
So do the sparse but persevering dead trees cradle these nests
holding them in sacred trust for the Great Blue Herons
to lay eggs in when they return in the Spring
birthing yet another truth.

*Amazing synchronicity: These two photographs were taken exactly 3 years apart: January 15th 2011 and January 15th 2014.

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