Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The New Year: A madness or a beginning

Sun rising over ocean at Odiorne Point: New Year's Morning 2014
CC Jean Stimmell

On this the first day of 2014

The sun rises over the ocean at Odiorne
glowing like a digital blowtorch,
stunning but surreal,
radiating neither warmth
nor juice to cut the gloom:
“A madness or a beginning?” *

“in the dawn confronted Shiva, the cold light
revealed the “mindborn” worlds, as simply that,
I watched them propagated, flowing out,
or, more simply, one mirror reflecting another.
then broke the mirrors, you were no longer in sight
nor any purpose, stared at this new blackness
the mindborn worlds fled, and the mind turned off:
a madness, or a beginning?

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