Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is Shiva casting a spell or dead tree casting shadow?

Dead tree casting a shadow in the woods behind our house
or is it Lord Shiva ?
CC Jean Stimmell: January 2014
Shiva the Destroyer and Restorer

Heading through the woods from my house to Wild Goose Pond,
I found myself in the last light of this sun-shortened, solstice day
drawn toward an enigmatic shadow cast by the gnarly roots
of an ancient toppled tree.

The wind rustled paper dry beech leaves as I approached,
a drum roll in anticipation for what happened next:
The emergence of Lord Shiva,
He of many limbs.

Shiva, the destroyer, zapped my brain, erasing all thought
 Shiva, the restorer, rebooted me to my primal state,
reconnecting me to my body and sense of place,
grounding me in the precious Earth.

It seemed like it was over with before it started:
I was confused and couldn’t quite remember,
dazed like after electroshock therapy.
Did something happen or not?


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