Friday, August 22, 2014

Immerse yourself in the water of life and become a clam

I’ve had what I think is a revealing dream about a prior dream I wrote back on  8/17/14. In order for my latest dream to make sense to new readers, I have started out by repeating Part I below. Sorry for the duplication…

Part I: A dream I had last night (8/17/14)
Oregon Coast at Nightfall
CC Jean Stimmell: September 2013

Like a bolt out of the blue:
It strikes me I must start a journey:
hike the Appalachian Trail,
NOW before snow fills the passes.

Beginning on the barren knife edge
of Mt Katahdin I head south
but, oddly, arrive at the ocean instead,
stumbling over rocks and slick seaweed,
increasingly hemmed in as I navigate
between lapping waves and arid cliffs.

As I hurry along in the fading light,
the shore turns to slippery ledge,
so steeply inclined that inextricably,
like a ship being launched,
I slide into unchartered expanse
and dark rhythms of the sea,
disoriented and all alone.

As I float untethered
in a misty sea fog of unknowing,
lit by the soft glow of the moon,
 I sense with trepidation that
this is the moment of truth:
To continue on my journey
I must take the plunge.

Part II: The Dream I had about the Dream (8/20/14)

Unmanipulated photograph of river current
CC Jean Stimmell
It takes superhuman effort
to abandon all I know
to relinquish all control.
Though it feels like death
I take the plunge.

After an initial choking gasp,
I find myself gliding downward
in a perfect Greg Louganis dive.

Stripped away of ego,
I see who I really am:
An armored clam
 of two bivalve halves,
one male and one female,
clasped firmly shut
like a virgin’s legs.

Hitting bottom is a relief.
I root myself in the mud
like Buddha’s sacred lotus.
My bivalve shell spreads open,
exposing my vulnerability.

I pump the water of life
up through my root chakra
and out my crown:
 At one with it All.

This dream is also further clarification of an even earlier dream back on 7/24/14, the one about digging a deep pit down to find the water of life but then unable to get the water to the surface in order to nourish my soul. My latest dream gives me an answer: Instead of attempting to haul the water up, become a clam and dive down into the water of life and revel in the mud, opening up to both my male and female sides.

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