Sunday, August 17, 2014

A dream about sliding into the unchartered depths and dark rhythms of the sea

A photo of me taken by Russet,
hiking in the White Mountains 5/1/10,
polarized in Photoshop
A dream I had last night: Part I

Like a bolt out of the blue:
It strikes me I must start a journey:
hike the Appalachian Trail,
NOW before snow fills the passes.

Beginning on the barren knife edge
of Mt Katahdin I head south
but, oddly, arrive at the ocean instead,
stumbling over rocks and slick seaweed,
increasingly hemmed in as I navigate
between lapping waves and arid cliffs.

As I hurry along in the fading light,
the shore turns to slippery ledge,
so steeply inclined that inextricably,
like a ship being launched,
I slide into unchartered depths
and dark rhythms of the sea,
disoriented and all alone.

As I float untethered
in a misty sea fog of unknowing,
lit by the soft glow of the moon,
 I sense with trepidation that
this is the moment of truth:
To continue on my journey
I must take the plunge.
Caught between the cliffs and the sea at dusk
CC Jean Stimmell: Oregon coast, Sept. 2013

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