Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Abyss in which the world floats

CC Jean Stimmell: 6/25/14
By adding the all-knowing eye of the owl to my wetland photograph of 6/11/14, I was attempting to enlarge the focus to include the vast ocean of unknowing that surrounds the tiny island of conscious thought.

The following quote by Richard Lang captures in words a hint of what I was trying to manifest.

“Every line or boundary in the world has things on either side of it – every object has an environment, is surrounded by other objects. Check this out by looking at the things around you.

But there is one boundary beyond which there are no things - the boundary around your view of the world.

When I pay attention to this ‘boundary’ I find nothing beyond it. It’s a unique ‘boundary’. Here is the ‘edge of the world’ What is beyond it?

An abyss without end? You are this abyss –
the abyss in which the world floats. All things are within you.”*

* quote from Richard Lang’s website: The Headless Way
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