Sunday, June 15, 2014

Expanding our identity inside the subtle world of nature, ancestors and spirits

Life-sized Wooly Mammoth pointing her trunk
at Russet at the Millbrook Sculpture Gardens.
Bob Shannahan, an old friend, created this
fabulous creature from nature's materials:
sticks, vines, straw grass...
CC Jeam Stimmell: 6/5/14
One's identity expands inside the bodies of minerals, plants, animals, and elements as well as inside the subtle world of ancestors and spirits. Speaking in creation's tongues, hearing creation's voices, the boundary of our soul expands. 

Earth has many, many voices. Those who understand that Earth is a living being know this because they have translated themselves to the humble grasses and old trees. 

They know that Earth is a community that is constantly talking to itself, a communicating universe, and whether we know it or not, we are participating in the web of this community.

* above quote by Joan Halifax. The Fruitful Darkness: A Journey Through Buddhist Practice and Tribal Wisdom (Kindle Locations 864-867). 
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