Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fishing with an eagle on Father’s Day 2014

Since I didn't have a camera when I saw the eagle today,
I'm using this photo I took back on 2/7/14:
It is a shadow of a branch, twig, and leaf
reflected on a beech tree trunk.
CC Jean Stimmell

Fishing with an Eagle on Father’s Day 

I was wading in the Merrimack today
braced against the raging current
fly-line whipsawing in the breeze
when a whitish bird appeared:
not a gull, maybe a osprey.
Flying up the river
 straight toward me.
the sun illuminated
his white head and 
curved yellow beak:
It was a bald eagle!
Flying close overhead
 he cocked his head,
locking me in his glare,
and cackled shrilly:
“Keep at it pal,
You’ll get it yet.”


Jung wrote, "Even when you think you are alone and can do what you please, if you deny your shadow there will be a reaction from the mind that always is, from the man a million years old within you.  You are never alone because the eyes of the centuries watch you.” * Today it was in the form of a bald eagle.

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