Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What did you do as a child that gave you a sense of timelessness?

Cannon Beach, Oregon: September 2013
CC Jean Stimmell

“Imagine that you were born with a particular seed, something that belongs to you. What are you here to do? And how do we find what calls us in the midst of the persistent pressures of time and the over load of information?...

We talk about not having time – but time can be taken by deciding what is important…Time can be expanded by making a space and dedicating it to what you are here to do. This is your sacred space…

Time is not a line – It is a circle of becoming, being, disappearing and becoming again...

At night in our dreams, we experience the elasticity of time – we are young, we are old; and space – we are on the ground, we can fly, the car can drive itself.

Joseph Campbell asks us: What did you do as a child that gave you a sense of timelessness?”

– Quotes above from Laurie Doctor’s book, Another Night in the Ruins.
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