Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Art: a horizon everyone sees but no one can reach

Cannon Beach Oregon: September 2013
CC Jean Stimmell
"Making art is propelled by a kind of hunger. It is a walk toward the horizon– a horizon that everyone sees but no one can reach. There is an urgency to keep walking toward it, in spite of all the evidence of its intangibility. There is a paradox in aiming for something we cannot achieve... like a song you cannot quite remember, but when you hear it, feel like you have always known it...

"There is no narrative with a beginning, middle and end. What I strive for in my painting is more like poetry– the lyrics are not as important as what they point you toward...

"The only way I know how to access what’s elemental, dark, mysterious and universal– is to myself work from a state of unknowing... for more on unknowing, (for more on "unknowing," click on my next blog entry)

I am indebted to Laurie Doctor for the above exquisite ode to the inexpressible from her blog:

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