Sunday, July 24, 2016

Passage to Middle Earth, Primal Labyrinth, Mythic Rhino

Today at Adams  Point, Durham, NH

Primal Labyrinth      CC  Jean Stimmell: 7/24/16

It is so important to keep the eye glued 
o the reality of the actual holiness! 
– from Alfred Kazin's Journals

Mythic Rhino     CC  Jean Stimmell: 7/24/16
Without worship, without respect, without wonder, 
without the great work  with which our wonder 
and awe plunge us, what is there — what?
But the “modern” epoch is precisely that in which 
each of us must discover our gods for ourselves
– from Alfred Kazin's Journals

Passage to Middle Earth    CC  Jean Stimmell: 7/24/16

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