Monday, October 27, 2014

Human Debris At The Pale, Stale End of Time

Human Debris at the End of Time
CC Jean Stimmell: Seapoint Beach 10/25/14
An explanation for society's current fascination with zombies:

“If the modern vampire may have functioned as an apt metaphor for the predatory practices of capital in colonial and post-colonial societies, today’s zombie hordes may best express our anxieties about capitalism’s apparently inevitable byproducts: the legions of mindless, soulless consumers who sustain its endless production, and the masses of “human debris” who are left to survive the ravages of its poisoned waste." *
* The above is a quote from Dreamboat Vampires and Zombie Capitalists by David Castillo and William Egginton in today's New York Times 

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Politicians spewing detris* pollute the clarity of our inner wisdom

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