Saturday, October 11, 2014

Eating the Golden Trout is a sacred meal

Giant Kelp at Long Sands Beach
CC Jean Stimmell: October 2014
A response to my last post about my dream catching a golden trout

Thus Spoke the Giant Kelp

Arriving straight from the briny depths – without warning – I was confronted by a giant kelp with faded eyes who spoke strong words to me:

"Don’t be an unctious do-gooder, so under a yuppie spell that you would release this magnificent fish you were lucky enough to catch in your dream net.

You idiot!

This fish is your unconscious, your path to everlasting life. Throwing her back may win you points in the realm of the politically correct but, in the bargain, you will castrate your primal being.

You must eat her instead!

Through eating the golden trout, you will incorporate the wild, the collective wisdom of Gaia back into your conscious mind.*

Through this sacred meal, you will be reborn. You will become whole."

* My thanks to Annette Hanson for helping me ingest this Jungian insight.

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