Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back to the Future: Daydreaming with Jung

Photo #1:   CC Jean Stimmell
These photographs taken in Kittery Maine: 4/6/13

Daydreaming at Sea Point Beach at low tide,
watching water draining slowly down a gully,
meandering this way and that
yet flowing inescapably to the sea,
brought this thought to mind:

Indeliably engraved into our western minds,
evolution is depicted by two universal images:
either a fish flopping up on land on flimsy fins
to become the first land animal;
or the image of a series of primates,
each, in turn, standing more erect
until the apex which is us.

Why not a third way, I imagined,
a sacred path to a new stage of evolution,
where we humans turn our back on technology
and start marching back to the sea,
becoming less rigid and erect as we go,
until merging once again with our mother.

Photo #2:   CC Jean Stimmell
Close up of Photo #1
Documenting my vision with  Photo #1 of the gully,
I was amazed to spot two human figures in the distance,
hunched over in their journey, heading toward the sea.

 It turns out, they were First Americans,
iron workers brought east to build the new bridge.
They were in awe at their first glimpse of the sea:
Going back to their beginnings
turning over rocks like little children
in search of exquisite treasure.
Photo #3:   CC Jean Stimmell
Iron worker displaying  treasure
In summary: what can I say except Jung was right:
There is no such thing as coincidence!
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