Sunday, September 9, 2012

Can "Being" be thought of as a Person?

Sculpture consisting of two stacked beach stones
Photograph taken at Seapont Beach, ME and manipulated in Photoshop
"I have read many theological tomes, which do their best to explain the meaning of God, but I am still not much the wiser. God is presented as the source and ground of everything. For Thomas Aquinas, God is... "Being itself." But how do you believe in “the source and ground of everything” let alone in “Being itself”? 

The New Testament tells us that God is Love and that He sent his only begotten Son into the world. But how can the ultimate source and ground of everything have an emotion like “love” or an intention to “incarnate”? In what possible sense can Being itself be thought of as a Person? 

At this point, you learn that God is unknowable and utterly beyond any concept you can have of Him, that all descriptions of God are mere figures of speech, imperfect metaphors required to render intelligible something so mysterious and sublime that the human mind is incapable of ever grasping it. 

I had the funny feeling that I was being led around in circles." *

* quote from Steven Batchelor, Stephen , Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist(Kindle Locations 2790-2804)
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