Thursday, August 2, 2012

Morning in America

Photoshop composition with silver maple swamp background shot in Concord
"We were born into a world of ghosts and illusions that have haunted our minds our entire lives. These shades seem more alive to us than reality, and perhaps, by some definition are more actual, hyper-real. We grew up in this world of screens and hyperbole and surreal imagery, and think nothing of a long-dead actor appearing on a wall in our homes to urge us to buy or live a certain way. Some generations ago, we might have all been burned, perhaps rightfully, as witches.

We have no clear idea how life should really feel. The mind adapts itself quickly to commonplaces and absurdities alike, so that a child raised in a phantasmal fun house will assume it is normal, especially if she can't find the door. We sense something is wrong only through the odd clue."*

*quote from Communique 1 which was originally published by in its printed magazine. Tidal
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