Monday, July 18, 2011

Even A Stone Can Be A Teacher

Photograph taken at Adams Point on Great Bay 7/17/11; An older photo, taken near Ogunquit Maine, was integrated as the emerging mermaid using Photoshop

"The recurrent motifs of legend and fairy tale offer concentrated images of perennial human concerns, of perceptible patterns of universally human modes of behavior. So, like my dreams, these old tales carry me beyond the limits of my personal history and back to the transpersonal stream of mankind. They retain their powerful mystery and compelling wisdom even now that we have become too enlightened to "believe" them any longer. If we are not too sophisticated, too civilized, too scientific to be open to their messages, we may still be insructed by them. To the extent that each of us is open to our own unconscious, we will be moved by the mythic legends of long-ago people who did not know any better than to believe that the world is controlled by dark forces and hidden powers.  It is in this folk wisdom of the world that we can come to understand the patterns which reveal our common humanity."*

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