Sunday, February 19, 2017

Our old gods are dying and new ones not yet born

Demolished Dover NH 
CC Jean Stimmell 2/19/17

I yearn for the same thing 19th century sociologist, Emile Durheim,  was waiting for:

"a revival of  the profound collective experience, the experience of fusion and ecstasy, which is the essence of primitive religion and the womb out of which the renewal of society at any period takes place.: *

As Bellah so succinctly says:

"In a word, the old gods are growing old or already dead, and others are not yet born...A day will come when our societies will know again those hours of creative effervescence, in the course of which new ideas will arise." **

I believe that this new day – although a difficult delivery,  is now in the process of being born!

•   Bellah, R. (1973) (Ed) Emile Durh=kheim On Morality and Society. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press
**  Bellah, 1973, p. xivii
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