Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dreaming of a return to tribalism

Tribal Four Image Dream Montage    CC Jean Stimmell
(credits below for 2 of the original images before being altered in Photoshop)
I had a dream last night of attempting to take the perfect photograph –in that magic hour before sunset – of sprawling factories radiating an unearthly glow like funeral pyres on the Ganges

As the evening mist mushrooms into bellowing smoke, it strikes me that these factories are not benignly lit but ablaze!

This gathering vortex brings home to me the absurdity of attempting to capture impermanence with a photograph

As further proof of this, an indigenous person appears, androgynous in appearance with silky black hair and aquiline nose, a shaman birthing a long-forestalled prophecy

After ages of abusing our mother earth, the pendulum of history has changed direction: These burning factories, iconic symbols of modernity, signal a shift back toward tribalism

• original photo of Domino Sugar factory, Inner Harbor, 
by Angela Pan: 
• original photo of indigenous American is of Amos, Two Bull, 
Sioux Indian portrait taken by Gertrude Kasebrer cc 1900

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