Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In Praise of Cormorants

Montage from a vivid dream 8/31/15 
CC Jean Stimmell

Montage from a vivid dream I had

Strange, feverish, images flash across my brain
like a neon lit Time Square on speed.

Desperately attempting to sort, one after another,
painting masterpieces for an art school final
into an arcane, dewey-decimal system, the kind
that gives academics and curators wet dreams–
I flunk badly.

Jutapositioned with a second slide show,
accompanied by Rolling Stones blues,
of brilliant black cormorants, still as statues,
striking poses like seasoned models.

Unlike Olympic divers– or curators and academics–
the cormorants do not give a sweet shit
how many points they get.
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