Sunday, August 9, 2015


CC Jean Stimmell 2015
Days of pain after my operation unhinged spasms of activity.
For no good reasons, I took my camera outside
and took shots of the richly textured leaves
of our 12’ tall, Mammoth Sunflowers.

Then I found myself using the sunflowers
as a stage to introduce new objects,
like the pelvis and backbone
of a winter-killed deer
that our hound dog
had carted home.

When I processed the images in my digital darkroom,
one photograph, in particular, jumped out at me:
The composition was dynamic
and embraced the ALL:
Death and Rebirth
Yin and Yang.

Looking more closely, I exclaimed, “oh my god,
it looks like Jesus on the Cross.”
At that very instant I knew
 what the title must be:
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