Saturday, May 9, 2015

Staircase to the dark mysteries

Stylized Staircase of Destiny: 5/7/15 Long Sands, York ME
CC Jean Stimmell
Clumsy rocks like words tossed about 
haphazardly on the beach by the tide:
Crude approximations of reality.

Leaving stony words and convention behind,
I descend downward toward my destiny:
Kneeling in the surf to taste the salty waves.

Gaining strength, I wade into the depths,
immersing myself in the waters of life,
 the dark mysteries of the unconscious,
Knower of all things

Although we are always being lulled into complacency by denial and the sameness of our everyday routine, the Buddhists are right: life is change. As I grow older – I will be 70-years-old this year – I am increasingly reminded of this immutable fact by all the things I can no longer do.

On top of that, I’ve already had two major surgeries for Melanoma cancer. While Melanoma appears to be in remission now, her ever-present reality focuses the mind. Then, last week, I found out that I have prostate cancer – and not the wait-and-watch type.

I’m not reaching out for sympathy. Just telling you how I have learned to cope from first-hand experience. By being forced to deal with issues of sickness, old age and death, I am learning to progressively detach myself from conventional appearances and the overwhelming materiality of our everyday world. Thanks to Buddhism and Carl Jung, I have been able to move away from the world of appearance toward what I feel is a deeper, more fundamental reality – one I am learning to access through reverie and dreams; writing, doing art and meditating.

The idea for this blog came together for me when I took a photograph of a staircase that appears to go nowhere. However – being the eternal outlier – it appeared to me a sacred portal to what is really real.

My image and poem above is my humble attempt to make this sacred portal come alive to my readers.
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