Saturday, March 7, 2015

A myth is what we call someone else's religion

Crater on Ceres 
or Bow Lake at sunset
CC Jean Stimmell: 3/6/15
It has been said that a myth is 
what we call someone else's religion.

In ancient times
one's fate was determined by
Apollo, Athena, and that whole crew:

The Oracle of Delphi
was always consulted
before voyagers set forth
in their swift ships.

Now science is our de facto god
But, really, what has changed?

Observe the narrative
in the newspaper today
about our swift ship
called Dawn on her "voyage
 between Mars and Jupiter
to visit a dwarf planet
named Ceres."

"'It went exactly the way we expected.
Dawn gently, elegantly slid into Ceres' 
gravitation embrace,' said the chief 
engineer of the NASA mission.

The drama is the same
only now our oracle
is an engineer.
Is it ice?
The bright spots inside a 92km-wide crater have been the big surprise
of the encounter with Ceres so far. 

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