Friday, March 7, 2014

Climate Change soon coming to a store near you

Cherry Blossom Season in the New Normal
I've just read a heart wrenching article by Gretel Ehrlich in Tricycle Magazine about the catastrophic Japanese tsunami. I found this image online that conveys a sense of the unbelievable damage inflicted along 365 miles of Japanese coast; the image also illustrates the title of this blog: climate change soon coming to a store near you, as if it were a refrain from an ad about an earth-shaking new consumer product. 

Is this a taste of our future? Will devastating climate change be coming to a store near us, no matter where we live?  Is this our new normal?  How will we react when it happens to us? In the following quote a Zen abbot at ground zero gives us one humble but existentially profound answer:

"Since the disaster, some older people have committed suicide. But there’s no reason to do that. We just start from where we are, from whatever the day brings to us.” *

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* quote from Spring 2014 Tricycle Magazine excerpted from Facing the Wave: A Journey in the Face of the Tsunami by Gretel Ehrlich.

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