Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Dream about Rebirth...

Revolt Against Oppression by Michelle Gumpert

My Dream  7/18/13:
Russet and I wake up early, just as the sun is rising, and are amazed to look out our big picture window and see a huge herd of animals: geese, ducks, turkeys, deer, wild boar, puffins, a black gazelle with stiletto horns, among many others, milling about as they pass by, filling our yard all the way to the road and extending as far as we can see into the woodsy meadow beyond, while at the same time, the air is erupting into chaos as birds of all descriptions, careen this way and that.

Our ancient cat, her long-deceased mother, and four adorable kittens (whom exist only in the dream) scramble on top of a tall stack of cordwood by our cellar door, all in a frenzy, leaping time after time into the air, trying to catch the low flying songbirds hurtling past.

What it felt like:
I felt like I was looking out on the Serengeti Plains at the end of the dry season, at the exact moment when rains have finally come, turning brown to green, triggering the greatest annual animal migration on earth. It felt like rebirth!

What it looked like:
Michelle Gumpert calls her abstract painting at the top of the page, Revolt against Oppression. Because her painting creates vibrations inside me of the same urgency and wave length as in my dream, I think Rebirth would also be a worthy title: From both, I get a strong felt sense of positive energy, long suppressed, surging upward from the untamed wildness and creative imagination of Nature and Jung’s Collective Unconsciousness. Even the blue objects in the upper third of her abstract painting coincide with my dream, looking to me like the swooping songbirds the cats were leaping to catch.

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