Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A messenger from another world

Adventures on Cape Cod last weekend

It happened walking backward into time, traversing rolling dunes and barren beaches devoid of human tracks, reveling in the boundless sky and shimmering sea, the ebb and flow of the murmuring tide, and the babble and flashing wings of water fowl hurrying north:

Suddenly, I am shaken from my reverie by an encounter with a messenger from another world, masquerading as a piece of driftwood carrying a mysterious blue stone on her back. I took her picture shown above, adding only the tongue of a serpent at the urging of a persistent inner primordial voice.

Whether one calls her daemon, nature spirit, ghost, or spirit guide, she is really real, emerging from the depths of a hibernation that spans the ages, crawling upward toward the light through expanding fissures in the bedrock of our taken-for-granted everyday reality, cracks caused by the earthquake tremors of catastrophic climate change shattering the regular rhythms of orderly evolution not seen since the giant meteor explosion rocked the earth, annihilating much of life on spaceship earth – including the dinosaurs.

This apparition: part bird, part reptile, part marsupial who incubates her egg unprotected on her back is a messenger from the depths, warning us that the evolutionary stew we are immersed in is about to be radically reshuffled to introduce a new product line.

No longer protected in the fluffy, warm nest of Mother Nature’s maternal care, this brazen blue, alien egg represents our new existential fate: we have been cast out of Eden for our dirty industrialization deeds. Cut off from Mother Nature’s umbilical cord, we are the new dinosaurs.

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