Friday, January 18, 2013

Restoring Nature's Divinity

Photograph taken along the Merrimack River in Concord, NH, Spring of 2011

“Matter in the wrong place is dirt. People get dirty through too much civilization. Whenever we touch nature, we get clean” – C. G. Jung. 

"You may not associate such bold, earthy sentiments with Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung, but he was, in fact, deeply concerned over the loss of connection with nature. He considered natural life to be the 'nourishing soil of the soul.'" So says Meredith Sabini in her illuminating book, The Earth Has a Soul: C.G. Jung on Nature, Technology & Modern Life.

She continues, "Those of us destined to live through this turbulent period of history, the declining phase of Western civilization, could perhaps use a wise elder [like Jung] who stands slightly outside the modern world yet knows it well enough to offer guidance."
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