Sunday, October 7, 2012

Caves of Forgotten Dreams

Photograph taken under the Granite Street Bridge, Manchester NH: 10/5/12

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Like the cave walls in France immortalized by paleolithic art,
this concrete abutment under the Granite Street Bridge
depicts a sense of beauty, the nature of humanity,
and the evolution of creativity.

Rather than the drip of water from stalactites
we have the splashing efflux from storm sewers.
Rather than art memorializing our animal friends,
kindred spirits and dieties killed for food,
we have foreboding monsters and cartoon figures,
a testament to our digital age subconscious.
Rather than witnessing the ice age artist's footprints,
 still preserved in the dust of the ancient cavern floor,
we see the bags and blankets of the homeless,
stashed away while they beg for food.
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