Monday, July 30, 2012

3 Ecologies: combating monstrous and mutant algae

I am reading what is, to me, a new, groundbreaking book, The Three Ecologies by Felix Guattari, although it is far from new, first being published in France in 1989.  Within it's covers, the author presents his concept of 'ecosophy': combining the three related ecologies of environmental, psychological and social worlds  into a single practice and vision for our future. He contends – and I agree – that it is only by broadening our views to encompass all three ecologies will we be able to affect real change in the world.

I love the following quote, from page 29 of his book; Although written 23 years ago, it is so fitting for our times, particularly now with our TVs saturated with 'degenerate images and statements' from our seemingly endless presidential campaign; and, better yet, with one of our candidates perhaps a worse vulture capitalist than Donald Trump. I have illustrated his quote with photographs I found online:
Algae in Venice, photographer unknown

"Just as monstrous and mutant algae invade the lagoon of Venice, so our television screens are populated, saturated, by 'degenerate' images and statements. In the field of social ecology, men like Donald Trump are permitted to proliferate freely, like another species of algae, taking over entire districts of New York and Atlantic City; he 'redevelops' by raising rents, thereby driving out tens of thousands of poor families, most of whom are condemned to homelessness, becoming the equivalent of the dead fish of environmental ecology."

A boy swims along the algae-filled coastline of China 7/15/11 (Reuters/China Daily)
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