Friday, November 18, 2011

Writing language back into the land

Shadow and Leaf against Boulder, Turkey Pond, Concord NH  11/6/11
For those of us who care for an earth not encompassed by machines, a world of textures, tastes and sounds other than those that we have engineered, there can be no question of simply abandoning literacy, of turning away from all writing. 

Our task, rather, is that of taking up the written word, with all of its potency, and patiently, carefully, writing language back into the land. Our craft is that of releasing the budded, earthly intelligence of our words, freeing them to respond to the speech of the things themselves – to the green uttering forth of leaves from the spring branches… 

Planting words, like seeds, under rocks and fallen logs – letting language take root, once again, in the earthen silence of shadow and bone and leaf. – quote from Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram (p. 274)

Daffodil pushing up through the snow in our front yard: 4/23/11 

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