Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Primordial: Beyond space and time

Doing yoga this morning
Stretching into the dancer pose
Suddenly I switched from thinking
to primordial

I became Great Blue Heron
And not just one
But every heron who ever was
Or ever will be.

In an instant I saw the light:
Beyond space
Beyond time
We are all one.

A strong visual image accompanied my brief epiphany which I have attempted to portray in Photoshop (see above): During that instant, I saw time and space as a system of interlocking gears, standing ready to grind up whoever attempts to pass.  However, if we, like the Great Blue Heron, can move beyond time and space – which after all, may only be a human construct – the menacing gears fade away, setting us free.

I took the photograph of the Great Blue Heron this spring in a wetland near our house. I got permission to use the image of the gears from Graphic Leftovers. I manipulated both images and the background in Photoshop to make the above image.
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