Sunday, March 15, 2009

Myths and Mermaids and the Idea of Progress

I first found her outside a gift shop near Ogunquit Maine
held against her will, just another item for sale:
Turned to stone by the sleight-of-hand of market forces
acting on orders from the patriarchal gods of progress. 

I was able to rescue her, summoning the power of Photoshop:
Capturing her with my magic wand and
gently moving her back home to Her rightful throne
upon an enchanted cliff overlooking the sparkling sea.

Liberated, she now ponders anew the primacy 
of Myth and the true Mystery of the Universe
as the oceans inexorably rise around her
 –a final gift from the the gods of progress– 
drowning human conceits and artifacts,
along with Humankind itself.  
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