Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Artifical Intelligence: Being absorbed by a giant Amoeba

Ice forming in a mud puddle: Stylized
CC Jean Stimmell: 11/23/14
Here’s an addendum to my December 16th post, which warned of the dangers stemming from our increasing reliance on artificial intelligence. I concluded that post by saying that the choice is clear: “either we return to our biological and spiritual home – reconnecting to our bodies, our communities, our sense of place, and Mother Earth – or become soulless slaves to the machine.”

Here’s another take on this by Susan Blackmore who has been called “The Queen of Consciousness.” She compares what is happening to us to being absorbed by a giant digital amoeba.  In her own words,

“We’ve sort of let slip out control. I compare  what’s happening with the theory of endosymbiosis put forth by Lynn Margulis, in which the mitochondria, which power the cells, wee originally free-floating bacteria that were absorbed into the cells, and both benefited. I propose that that is what is going on with us. We are being absorbed into this thing as its power produces – becoming mitochondria for the great machine.”

“We are giving up our independence, and control over ourselves, our children, our relationships, and the planet, without realizing what we’re doing.” *
Ice forming in rivelet on Mt. Major
CC Jean Stimmell: 1/1/15

* Queen of Consciousness from Psychology Today, February 2015, pp. 29-31.

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