Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shadows of the Season

Photo taken 11/20/20 while walking the dog near the Merrimack in Concord
Shadows of the Season
On a cold November afternoon
Looking out at this backwater channel to the Merrimack
The last leaves of autumn are casting their muted colors on the still water
While the grasses, bleached almost white, anticipate the starkness of what is to come.

A lone gray birch tree, scraggly and bent from the rigors of living on the edge
Hovers over the fading landscape like a mother hen, wings spread,
Attempting to shelter her brood from the inevitable:
Death's looming dark shadow.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are we becoming a shell of our former selves?

Photo of deserted amusement park, Old Orchard Beach,  11/13/10

Thoughts about our country:  if we don’t want to end up a desolate shell like this amusement park, we need to start leaning on something more substantial than consumerism.