Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day at the Boulder Field at Pawtuckaway State Park

Photo taken at Pawtuckaway State Park, 5/30/11

Memorial Day at the Boulder Field at Pawtuckaway State Park

Blaring big-screen ads promote bedlam
While promising nirvana.

Consumers stampede toward The Church of the Mall
While I drive the other way.

Parking my car, I descend by North Mountain
Down past craggy outlooks and sentinel crows

Past beaver ponds and serenading tree frogs
Down, down, until I hit rock bottom…

A dark forest of hulking stones:
Fecund, luminous, utterly still.

Like magic, the boulders cast a spell:
My heart slows along with each breath.

Continuing to just breathe in and out
My brain ceases its mindless chatter

Like a speck of flesh in a vast cathedral,
A peasant celebrating holy communion.

Surrendering to these towering stone oracles
A warm glow infuses my entire being.

I feel Her Presence and rejoice:
Home at last.

Science has now discovered a rational basis for this Holy epiphany:
The human heart creates an electromagnetic force field
Exactly the same as the earth and the cosmos beyond.

Physicists and mathematicians have named this unique force field,
the torus field. And consider it to be the most
stable form of energy in the universe.

All of which means, my human heart may actually
be entrained in harmony, not only with my
enchanted boulder field but all of life.

Chinese biologist May Wan Ho says:
“Each heart is in essence the heart of the universe.”

To which I reply:

* See Quiet your Mind by John Selby, pages 136-7