Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be experienced – Rilke

Looking across the bay from Schoodic Point toward Cadillac Mtn. 9/24/11
Jean Stimmell ©2011
Delight is a secret.  And the secret is this: to grow quiet and listen; to stop thinking, stop moving, almost to stop breathing; to create inner stillness in which, like mice in a deserted house, capacities and awarenesses too wayward and to fugitive for everyday use may delicately emerge. 

Oh, welcome them home! For these are the long lost children of the human mind. Give them close and loving attention, for they are weakened by centuries of neglect. 

In return they will open your eyes to a new world within the known world, they will take your hand, as children do, and bring you where life is always nascent, day always dawning.*

*  from the The Savage and Beautiful Country by Alan McGlashan

Check out my blog entry, 7/26/13, which also uses Rilke's quote as a jumping off point: it is called The Bewitchment of our Intelligence by Language.

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